Instagram Releases More Details On Algorithm Change

During a recent Facebook Marketing Webinar for Instagram Ads, representatives from Facebook hosted a Q&A to answer questions from brands about the upcoming algorithm changes.

Brands must understand that, like with any other Internet marketing tool, there is no set formula or concrete answer to the question, “what can we do to get our content seen?”

Of course, nevertheless, this was a recurring question during the webinar. Facebook reps confirmed that organic reach would be affected. But, brands can still garner organic reach, if their content measures up.

“We are focused on optimizing,” the rep said. “The goal is to create a more active and engaged community.”

So, what can brands do to maximize their chance of staying organic, yet effective? The rep confirmed two elements that will be weighed by the algorithm:

  • What is the relationship between the posted (brand) and the user?
  • Is the timeliness of the post relevant to the user and when they engage?

What does that mean, exactly? Instagram, like Facebook, is seeking the highest rate of engagement possible. Which means, post consistent, relevant content, and you’ll be in good shape.

Beyond that, how do you know what “consistent, relevant content” is? The first step is knowing your audience. From there, determine what types of content will keep them the most engaged, and what makes them click.

At the end of the day, social media marketing has been edging towards a pay-to-play only arena. Brands can combat the changes, but will surely lose. The best defense is to stay flexible, and talk to a professional who can help guide your brand, and ensure that your social media advertising dollars are well-spent.

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