Rather than writing in third-person [like the creator of this business is not the one producing the content], allow me to reintroduce myself; my name’s Rachel Jolley, and I created Co-op Social because I saw not just a demand, but a genuine need, for something that didn’t exist.

The question went from “why should I build something like that?” to “why wouldn’t I build something like that?”


After ample agency experience, I developed a theory and eventually grew the determination to run with it: instead of wasting time and energy trying to fix a broken system for someone else, why not invest in building a new one, independently?


Rather than focusing on the wide array of services Co-op Social offers (which can be found, here), let’s review what Co-op Social doesn’t offer. As a social-centric company, Co-op Social specializes in the collaborative creative process of strategizing, building, and sustaining a fruitful, and healthy, social media presence for brands. Co-op Social is not a traditional, Internet marketing agency; and does not offer web development or Google pay-per-click services.

For a full list of Co-op Social’s services, check this out.



We’re living, breathing, and buying in a first-person world; undoubtedly, human connection is more valuable than ever. So, professionally, here’s my story: I started as a storyteller at AOL before I shifted into the world of social media marketing. I’ve worked inside one of the largest Internet marketing firms in the country [building a social media department from the ground up], in addition to collaborating with celebrity brands from HSN. My content has been featured by many publications, including AOL, The Huffington Post, Men’s Health, The Knot, Creative Loafing, and Instagramers St. Pete.

When you work with Co-op Social, you’ll work directly with me; a storyteller, a business ally, and a confidant whose goal is to make sure your story is not only told, but heard loud and clear.

So, who wants to grab a coffee and talk social?
Talk to me: hello@co-opsocial.com

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