Facebook HQ On The Future Of Communication

Two facts stick out in SMW’s recap of Social Media Week NYC:

  1. The average adult checks their phone 30 times/day
  2. The average millennial checks their phone 150 times/day

The speaker who referenced these facts [and more] is Facebook’s Head of Marketing for North America, Michelle Klein. In the recap, SMW quoted Klein saying that AR and VR are the future of smartphones, and mobile computing.

More facts of interest include:

  • 6 out of every 10 app downloads are messaging apps (like Facebook Messenger)
  • Facebook advertising is about the user first; monetization comes second (see Canvas for reference)

Like we’ve said before, customer service on social media platforms is not to be taken lightly. The stat [above] about messaging apps makes that crystal clear. Consumers want attention, answers, and facilitation, right now; failure to offer that sort of communication could result in losses now, and moreso down the line.

With the second stat [about advertising on Facebook and UX], let us reference a previous blog about the value of quality content versus sales-y CTA tactics: “In short, sales win seasonal customers, while stories yield brand ambassadors.”

So, what does all of that mean right now, for marketers and brands?

According to Klein, it’s about the content you’re creating for the story you’re telling your audience: “something that makes things better, connects people through storytelling, is immediate, expressive and immersive, and adapts and changes.”


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