A Key To Success That Has Nothing To Do With Technology

So, you’ve got your business. It is complete with a thought-out marketing strategy, a pretty good staff, and some loyal customers. Awesome.

But, one day, as you sip your morning cup of coffee, you read an article or blog that gives you the following impression: “Your business needs social media marketing – NOW!!” Some might interpret the information to mean other things, like: “Social media will make your business better!” or “Social media leads to more sales!”

Now, the reality of the situation is this: there is absolutely an opportunity for businesses to boost their brand through the use of social media marketing. However, social media marketing is not to be confused as a end-all marketing answer for businesses looking to “be relevant” or “make more money.”

Well, what is the key to success in 2016, if it’s not social media marketing?

What if we told you that said key has absolutely nothing to do with the Internet? Or with Facebook, or Yelp!, for that matter? What if we told you that the key to success in 2016 is the same key to success that lead brands like Disney, Apple, and Nike to find worldwide support and ongoing growth?

The game has changed, and so have the players. But, the objective hasn’t wavered. So, what are we talking about here?

Good business.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a fact. Good business will naturally lead to an authentic marketing strategy, which will not only produce more sales, but it will retain loyal, brand ambassadors as well.

One of Co-op Social’s go-to metaphors is: Your business is the cake, social media is the icing. So, if your business is the cake, and social media is the icing, then the cake is the bulk of the recipe. And, as cake connoisseurs here at Co-op Social, once you find the flavor of cake you like and that works, you can stick with it, and perfect it with the freshest ingredients (aka, good business). The beauty of the icing is that you can change it up, experiment with different recipes, make it simple or complex, and customize it based on who you’re serving it to.

Starting to get the hang of this?

Another fact to note is this: if you conduct good business, great social media marketing is inevitable. Social media marketing is the human extension of your brand. That being said, if you do good business, that makes you a good human. Good humans have the biggest networks on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Having a large network [of quality] is literally, 70-75% of the social media marketing game.

In conclusion, let’s take things back to the start in this digital age. Focus on good business first, then start experimenting with the icing.


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