Facebook Live: How Can Your Brand Benefit?

The highly anticipated release of Facebook Live is upon us! But, what does it mean for brands?

Prior to releasing the live-streaming tool to the public, only a handful of high-end publications and brands had access. Now, users can stream live from their personal pages, as well as business pages.

Live-streaming isn’t new, and its importance is only increasing for brands wishing to stay relevant with their audience. Forbes’ contributor, Steve Olenski writes,it (live streaming) makes interaction seamless, fun and you can generate lots of leads this way.”

On to the next (and most important question): How?

As always, failing to plan is a surefire way to plan to fail. Creating a strategy that works for your brand is absolutely imperative. Live streaming tools (like Facebook Live and Periscope) can be powerful ingredients in your marketing recipe, but failing to use them well could result in a negative experience for your audience.

What to do


Form a strategy that works by answering these questions.

  • What does your current marketing strategy entail?
  • How does live-streaming align with your marketing goals?
  • Knowing your audience, what types of content do they respond to?
  • What are ways to integrate live-streaming to reach those goals?


Once you form a plan using the above information, put it to work. Try streaming a few times and see what happens. How does the audience react? Are they engaged? Pin-point the wins, and focus on those. Build on them, and nurture your live-streaming voice.

What not to do


Don’t convince yourself, or your brand, that live-streaming daily is the ultimate strategy. For most businesses, that’s not possible, relevant, or even effective. Alternatively, if your brand is capable of (and the tool proves to be effective) producing daily live-streams, then Facebook Live away!

Wing it

Think of Facebook Live as a live broadcast on television. Live TV is no joke, and it can certainly go awry, even with a plan in place. This is not to say that every stream has to be Hollywood production-worthy; but, remember, it is always a representation of your brand.

Top tip: Don’t forget to BE HUMAN! Think like a consumer, not like a salesperson. After all, social media marketing is advertising with a soul and a conversation without expectation. Treat it accordingly.


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